Excerpt from the Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn
“What do you think of,” asked the teacher, “when you hear the word worship?”
“Singing, hymns, prayers, words of praise…”
“That’s the outward form of worship,” he said. “That’s how worship manifests. But what’s the heart of worship?”
“I don’t know.”
“I’ll give you one definition, a secret. It’s found in the New Covenant Scriptures. It only appears in the Greek. It’s the word proskuneo. And do you know what it means?”
I had no answer.
“It means to kiss. True worship,” said the teacher, “is to kiss. And what does this reveal? What is a kiss? A kiss is the most intimate of acts. Therefore, worship is to be the most intimate thing you can experience.”
“To worship God is to kiss God?”
“In the spiritual realm, yes, to kiss from your heart, from your innermost being. And when you kiss, you don’t do it because you have to. You do it freely from your heart because you want to.”
“So true worship is never done by compulsion, but freely from the overflow of your heart.”
“And why does one kiss?” asked the teacher.
“Because of joy.”
“Yes,” he said, “a kiss is an expression of joy. And kissing brings you joy. So true worship is an expression of joy. You worship out of joy. Your joy becomes worship and your worship becomes joy.”
“Teacher,” I said, “we didn’t say the most obvious.”
“Which is…?”
“One kisses because of love,” I said. “A kiss is an expression of love.”
“It is. So then what is true worship?”
“Worship is an expression of love.”
“Yes,” said the teacher, “It’s as simple as that: It’s the most intimate act of love and joy. Worship is as simple as kissing God.”

Note #1: If worship is an act of affection, joy, love, it cannot be coerced, cajoled compulsory.
So, we have many leaders of ‘Praise’ but few leaders of ‘Worship’.

Note #2: Our expression of love is described in human terms so we can understand it, but the spiritual truth goes beyond what our language can express.

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Christian deacon & minister. Husband of beautiful christian woman. I am excited about increasing the way I witness for Jesus Christ in these last days.
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  2. Noah says:

    Thank you that is amazing and insightful!

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